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Are You…

– Buying or selling property or a business?
– In need of a Will or Power of Attorney?
– Need to appoint a potential future Guardian?
– Splitting marriage or de facto property?
– Needing to protect your inheritance?
– Needing a Pre-Nup or cohabitation agreement?
– Experiencing a customer not paying?
– Using a supplier/contractor who is not performing?
– Having an insurer refusing to pay – or ignoring you?


Things likedisputing what is left by a deceased; property settlement upon relationship breakdown; business venture disagreements; claims for money owed; claims for damages for breach of contract or for a wrong or for misleading or deceptive conduct;… etc.  

Somtimes Court cannot be avoided but more often than not people settle out of Court before or after proceedings are commenced. This is often achieved at a mediation conference. Exploring the chances of out of court settlement is our first objective so that mammoth costs can be avoided.

Contract Signed

Other Matters

Attending to your personal affairs: 
preparing your Will, your Power of Attorney; your Appointment of Enduring Guardians; your purchase or sale of Real Estate; your purchase or sale of a Business; Leasing commercial Real Estate; Probate for a loved one’s Deceased Estate;… etc.

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For your convenience I am available in person or via video conferencing. 

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